Groupe SGM

About us

With roots dating back to 1932, Groupe SGM is a well-established Quebec-based company that delivers innovative turnkey projects. Together with our customers, we build tomorrow’s solutions and services by anticipating and integrating technological advances in electrical engineering, in the industrial, commercial, and urban infrastructure sectors.

The company has positioned itself as a key player in the field, with access to impressive markets in Canada and the United States.


Be The Electrical Engineering Contractor.

Our values are in our DNA


When we are consistent and follow the same processes repeatedly, we develop expertise and confidence in our capabilities, and increase our own and the Group’s efficiency.

We inevitably deliver a product or service that meets customer expectations and honors our commitments.


We are responsible for the products and services we offer, and so we communicate quality, accurate and complete information with transparency. We treat others fairly, being just and impartial.

Integrity breeds trust, an assurance that the job will be done right, and respect for our words and positions.


Being curious, staying informed and accumulating knowledge. We think about the consequences of our decisions and actions, but we’re not afraid to think outside the box, challenge systems and innovate.

Then, it’s about sharing our knowledge with our colleagues, but also with our customers, to help them understand what we do for them.

Surpassing ourselves

We need to be confident in our abilities, so that we can step out of our comfort zone and be ambitious. We are curious and passionate about meeting challenges and acquiring new knowledge.

We are courageous, aware of our limits and not afraid to stand up for our convictions.


We pull together and show mutual support, collaboration, and solidarity. We work together in a friendly atmosphere. We treat each other with respect and indulgence.

We have fun and are passionate about what we do. We care about our employees and partners.

Our commitment to you

We cultivate trust, we respect our commitments, we are reliable,

We are committed to our customers and their success,

We are constantly innovating, challenging our limits,

We are driven by the desire to succeed together, for our group and for our customers.

Our Quality Policy

At Groupe SGM, quality is an integral part of all our activities. We constantly strive to improve our processes and our quality management system to meet the needs of our customers, respect their requirements, and achieve their satisfaction.

Therefore, we aim to:

  • Stand out from our competitors in terms of services offered to our customers;
  • Develop a partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees, to increase Productivity and promote motivation at work, as well as team spirit;
  • Provide the training, information, and necessary tools to achieve our goals;
  • Prevent rather than correct. The goal of this approach is not to look for culprits, but rather to seek solutions for continuous improvement.

A consolidation of our efforts and our commitments will allow us to promote and improve the company and make us proud to belong to the Groupe SGM team

To respect its quality policy, the company defines and revises quality objectives each year during strategic planning.

Our Certifications and Licenses

Groupe SGM ensures not only quality work, but also safe worksites. Our electrical engineering company has received numerous certifications, and our team is trained to comply strictly with current standards.


Our team,
our wealth

Groupe SGM is always on the lookout for dynamic candidates to fill a variety of positions.